Runtime Configuration

The data destinations and messaging channels of BlazeDS are configured by the application during startup. The persistence layer is used to build metadata describing your data model's persistent classes such as:

  • the identity column name and data type
  • the many to one and one to many association properties
  • the type and destination servicing each association

A destination is added to BlazeDS for each persistent class, and messaging channels are set up for broadcasting changes. The class metadata information is attached to each destination.

When the client connects to the server, a request is made for the metadata. The client side then knows which properties to handle as a reference to an other class, or as a collection of references.

A new DataCollection is used to manage the one to many properties of objects added to the Data Store. The DataCollection automatically subscribes to the correct channel to receive changes to the collection. The identity property of the object which owns the collection is used to set up the auto sync subtopic.

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