Clear Components

The documentation about components included in clear.swc will be added here. For now, refer to the Clear Components ASDoc. You can also see the examples of using several Clear components by installing a demo AIR application Tour de Clear (if you have an older version of this application already installed, please delete it first).


Data Collection

Pagination Components

The ASDoc for the components is available at Clear Components (clear.swc): Reference

How do I get the source code of the Clear components for debugging purposes?

a) First, download and install the Subversion pluging for Eclipse called: Subclipse

b) Add the SVN Repository Eclipse perspective and create a new Clear Toolkit repository pointing at this URL and check out the code as a project.

c) Add this Clear project to your main Flex project (right-click | Properties | Build Path).

d) Remove the old compiled clear.swc from your project to avoid discrepancies between the source and compiled code of the Clear components.

Where I can find the last released “clear.swc” file to include it to my project?

You can download the last version of the “clear.swc” library file from here (rev: 674, date: 08/31/2011).

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