ClearDS Prerequisites

1. Eclipse Version

Install a Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers 3.5 or 3.6 (3.7 is not supported). You can download it from Eclipse Downloads page.

2. Flash Builder Plugin for Eclipse

Download and install the latest version of Flash Builder plugin for Eclipse.

:!: Starting from Flash Builder 4.5 the procedure for acquiring Flash Builder plugin has been changed. Prior to Flash Builder 4.5 there were separate downloads for Flash Builder standalone and Flash Builder Plugin for Eclipse.

Installation of Flash Builder 4.5 as an Eclipse Plugin requires two actions:

  1. install the standalone version;
  2. run the Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 Plug-in Utility utility located in the utilities folder.

See Flash Builder release notes for more detail.

3. Android SDK and Android ADT Ecliple Plugin

Install the Android SDK and Android Eclipse Plugin as described in Installing Android SDK and Eclipse Plugin

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