Installing ClearDS Plugin

Prior to installing ClearDS Plugin make sure that you comply with the ClearDS Prerequisites that require you to install Eclipse IDE, Flash Builder Plugin and Android SDK along with Android Eclipse Plugin.

You install and update ClearDS using Eclipse Update Manager. If you are new to Eclipse plug-ins, have a look at Eclipse Wiki article FAQ_How_do_I_install_new_plug-ins.

To start install process navigate to Help/Install New Software via Eclipse menu and click “Add”. Use the following Update Site URL for Location. If you are behind the firewall, you may pre-download the archive and navigate to it instead of site.xml:

:!: Adobe FlashBuilder releases are always certified with one particular version of Eclipse. ClearDS follows the same logic. FlashBuilder 4.5 and ClearDS are certified with Eclipse Helios (aka Eclipse 3.6).

What Gets Installed?

Upon installation your Eclipse will acquire additional ClearDS feature. Let's assume that you are installing release Then in the plugins folder of your Eclipse instance you will see a subfolder com.farata.cleards_1.0.0.201109300915 while in the features folder of your Eclipse you will find the folder com.farata.cleards_1.0.0.201109300915 .

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